Freeze Dried Pet Treats Bundle

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  • $37.80
  • $42.00

Your furry friends LOVE our all natural treats. Each bag is made from human grade meat so it is safe for your pet to enjoy. 

If you love your furry friends, this bundle is for you. Your pets will come running when they hear the Bingco pet treat bag. Gift your furry friends the best gift of love with our Pet treat Sampler pack. You will receive one of each of our pet treats. 

Bundle includes:

  • Beef Liver, 2.5oz
  • Salmon, 1.5oz
  • Chicken, 2.5oz
  • Chicken Hearts, 2oz 

Beef Liver: Cooked Beef Liver
Crude protein (minimum): 69%
Crude fat (minimum): 13%
Crude fiber (maximum): 1%
Moisture (maximum): 1%

Salmon: Cooked Salmon
Crude protein (minimum): 81%
Crude fat (minimum): 11%
Crude fiber (maximum): <1%
Moisture (maximum): 1%

Chicken: Cooked Chicken Breast
Crude protein (minimum): 92%
Crude fat (minimum): 6%
Crude fiber (maximum): 1%
Moisture (maximum): 1%

Chicken Hearts: Cooked Chicken Hearts
Crude protein (minimum): 79%
Crude fat (minimum): 15%
Crude fiber (maximum): <1%
Moisture (maximum): <1%

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